Bluebird Feeding

Bluebirds are an all around favorite for bird watching enthusiasts everywhere.  They can be found in both the East and the West with their deep blue thrushes nesting and feeding their young.  Bluebirds are distinct from other species in not just appearance, but also eating habits.  Bluebirds are mostly insect feeders and often don’t use typical seed feeders that many bird watchers place in their yard.  Bluebirds prefer to eat insects like crickets, grasshoppers, insect larvae, and occasionally berries. They do not eat earthworms nor should be fed earthworms, as the birds are not equipped to digest them properly without becoming sick. Follow this article for tips and tricks on how to properly feed Bluebirds this summer so that you can enjoy their beauty from the comfort of your own home.

For starters, feed Bluebirds mealworms as they are readily available in bulk at your local hardware store and are a great supplement to the birds’ diet.  You’ve probably seen them before, but if you didn’t know mealworms is the larval form of the mealworm beetle.  In order to feed these worms to the bluebirds, you can either place them in a small dish near their nest box or near the perch or fence where you often see them hunt from.  If there are larger birds or birds that also enjoy mealworms in the area, then I recommend using a feeder so that the Bluebirds can still have access, but other species of birds do not.  There are several types of feeders. The idea behind most of them is providing a small opening that the Bluebirds will have no trouble navigating, but that the other birds will find either too small or uninviting. These feeders can be purchased at any bird supply or hardware store. If you have trouble finding the right one for your outdoor space, talk to a store representative about potential substitutes they might have in stock.  If you ask the right questions, you’d be surprised how many people enjoy watching Bluebirds as much as you do.  Another good source of nutrition for Bluebirds are suet mixes. There are all kinds of household recipes to choose from but suet mix or dough is mostly a combination of peanut butter, fat/lard, oats, and cornmeal.   It can sometimes be tough for the birds to adjust to it, but once they realize how good it is they will approach the dish or feeder more often.  While feeding is important, don’t forget to have a water source for the birds to hydrate and bathe in. A birdbath is a great compliment to any home and will encourage more birds to spend time outdoors in your space.

Starting looking outdoors and take in the beauty that mother nature has granted to you. To take full advantage, visit your local hardware store and grab the essentials you will need for Bluebird feeding today.