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  • Wild Delight Nut N’ Berry® Pail

    Manufacturer: C & S Wild Bird Products

    A premium wild bird food blended to attract and feed the most desirable outdoor pets – in a convenient, reusable pail. 

    Premium blend of wild bird seed in a convenient storage pail. Pail includes a money saving coupon for your next purchase.


  • Go Dog™ Furballz w/chew Guard Technology Rainbow Dog Toy 

    Manufacturer: Worldwise Model: 73739 - large

    Durable rainbow "Furballz" dog toy with patented Chew Guard Technology™. Long pile plush dog toy in bright rainbow colors and a fun, round shape! Lined with Chew Guard Technology™ they will stand up to tough play! Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Go Dog™ FurBallz w/chew Guard Technology Purple Dog Toy

    Manufacturer: Worldwise Model: 70120 - small

    Durable purple "Furballz" dog toy with patented Chew Guard Technology™. Long pile plush dog toy in bright purple and a fun, round shape! Lined with Chew Guard Technology™ they will stand up to tough play! Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Manna Pro® nutrigood™ Low-Sugar Snax for Horses 

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp Model: 1000927

    We pack a lot of goodness into our nutrigood treats. All-Natural ingredients. Irresistible, natural apple or carrot/anise flavor horses can’t resist. The peace of mind that your horse isn’t getting extra sugar and starch he may not need.  

  • goDog™ Tough for Fun Dog Toys - Large Lime Dragon

    Manufacturer: Worldwise Model: 70639

    goDog™ is a fun lovin' brand from Worldwise featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Durable plush toys with Chew Guard Technology™, goDog Retrieval toys, and innovative new RhinoPlay™ toys are all a part of the fun goDog line!
    Our most popular Dragons are every dog's favorite toy! Made with bubble plush and lined with Chew Guard Technology™, these toys stand up to tough play. Minimal stuffing gives these toys a fun "floppy" feel that dogs love!

  • Hear Doggy® Ultrasonic Dog Toys - Giraffe

    Manufacturer: Worldwise Model: 58545

    Any pet lover knows that dogs love the feel and sound of “squeaky” toys, but enduring the high-pitched repetition in the wee hours of the night can drive any pet-parent crazy! Ultrasonic HEAR DOGGY!® toys are made with a squeaker ONLY your dog can hear! Hear Doggy! plush toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys without the irritating noise!

  • Country Boy Seed Deer Corn

    Prepare for the colder months ahead with Country Boy Seed Deer Corn.

  • John Deere Pink Stakebed Wagon

    Manufacturer: John Deere Model: 53339

    Heavy Duty, Rust resistant steel and wood construction. Super sized pneumatic rubber tires. For ages two and up. 

  • Ware Belgian Barn Chicken Coop

    Manufacturer: Ware Manufacturing Inc Model: 7333

    The Ware Belgian Barn is modeled after the American barn style of the early 20th century. The coop features 6 nest boxes and can accommodate a healthy size flock. Multiple access points to the living area and pen. Spacious design simulates free-range environment and hand holes allow you to easily lift and move the coop. Easy to assemble with screwdriver or power drill if available. Perfect coop for the backyard flock. six nest box, large play pen.

  • The Humm-Bug Hummingingbird Ptotein Feeder

    Nectar-free! Just add bananas to this feeder and watch the birds enjoy the insects. No need to buy food! Using only bananas & peels, the Humm-Bug is completely safe and all natural! In just a few days, you will have an unlimited supply of protein packed fruit flies your hummingbirds to enjoy!

  • Solar Copper Lantern 

    Manufacturer: Very Cool Stuff Model: SLCO

    Copper Lantern warm white Led light 

  • Bronze Hanging Lantern 

    Manufacturer: Very Cool Stuff Model: SLHN

    Metal Solar Lantern - Flat. Hammered Nickel Hanging Lantern Outdoor accent lighting.

  • Solar Spiral Lantern 

    Manufacturer: Very Cool Stuff Model: MSLL

    Antique Bronze Solar Spiral Lantern

  • Locally Crafted Pottery 

    Our Family Crafts started as hobby ceramists in Baptistown, NJ in 1973. The craft provided much pleasure and after extensive study and training, we decided to offer products to the public and opened Our Family Crafts.

    We retired to NC in 1995, built our studio here in Etowah, and are pleased to offer our products for sale in our studio, on our web site, and at several locations in TN, VA, and NC.

  • Ware® Big Dutch Barn Coop with Pen

    Manufacturer: Ware Manufacturing Inc Model: 41056

    The Big Dutch Barn is a modern twist on the traditional chicken hutch. Top grade materials hold up against the elements and charming Midwest barn style is sure to please your flock.

  • FlowerHouse Pumpkin Loveseat 

    Model: FHP-C100-BRK

    This Stylish Hanging Chair adds an eye-catching design and comfortable place to stop and enjoy all your beautiful garden labors! Chair and stand included. Some assembly required. Lots of fun colors to choose from! Great place to relax in your home to garden. Durable, washable weather resistant fabric. Weight capacity; 400 lbs. Great Introductory Price! Just in time for Spring.

  • Green Seed Company Assorted Seeds

    We offer select and assorted seeds from Green Seed Company. Start your garden off right!

  • Regal® Orange Lily Solar Lantern

    Manufacturer: Regal Art & Gift Model: 11458

    Enhance outdoor spaces with this pretty orange lily solar flower lantern. Hand-painted glass petals add a lovely pop of color during the day. At night, a string of solar-powered LED lights illuminate the flowers creating a colorful glow. The metal hook & beaded chain makes this unique lantern easy to hang. Individually packed in a full-color box & makes a great gift! Any variations in finish or color reflect the handcrafted nature of our products.

  • Regal® 32 in. Vortex Kinetic Stake Wind Spinner

    Manufacturer: Regal Art & Gift Model: 11755

    This spectacular kinetic spinner stake stands over 7.5 ft. tall and has 10 arms. Each arm has charming butterflies affixed to them, propelling their motion in the wind. Heavy-duty construction with durable ball bearings allows for easy spinning. The rotating motion and colors of the multiple arms create a kaleidoscope effect that is both impressive and captivating to watch. The Vortex Butterfly Spinner makes for a bold and impressive art statement for any yard. 

  • Regal Garden Gear Stakes 

    Manufacturer: Regal Art & Gift Model: 11710

    Imagine the warmth of the sun and a cool ocean breeze blowing and you have this kinetic wonder. 


  • Paricon Sled

    Manufacturer: Paricon, Inc Model: 639

    Trendy looking royal blue molded sled made from durable plastic (high-density polyethylene) which is perfect for cold weather fun. Vivid look and new age modern design. The sled has two sturdy handles for added stability. It comes with a black tow rope which is useful. There is a black cushioned seat pad for comfort. The three grooves keep the sled steady.

  • Taste of the Wild® Prey™ Limited Ingredient Trout Formula for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

    We believe everyone deserves to experience the benefits of simple and clean eating. And that includes our pets. Limited ingredient diets may also be easier for some dogs to digest. In this simplified, limited ingredient recipe, spring-fed trout is the first of just four key ingredients. Along with sunflower oil, trout also provides omega fatty acids that help maintain skin and coat health.

  • Adirondack Style Furniture 

    Locally Made! Inspired by the "Great Camp" style of living found throughout the beautiful region of upstate New York. Handcrafted, beautiful creations that add charm to any room or home. We offer Chairs, Loveseat Glider, Settee and Glider Chairs.

  • Arabesque Wind Chimes

    Manufacturer: QMT Windchimes Model: 0611556012

    New addition to our great Corinthian Chimes. Arabesque Chimes made in the USA. New Color Choices This chime boasts an impressive look, as well as impressive resonance in tone, and it is sure to become to the focal point of your lawn. It is weather-resistant to ensure that your garden will look and sound beautiful in rain or shine. Three sizes 29, 36, and 44 inches.