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Maine Potatoes Garden Seed Potato 50 Lb. 

Three seed potato varieties available for spring vegetable gardens. Kennebec: Medium to late maturing white potato.Resists blight and other diseases and winters very well for a long storage time. Yukon Gold: Popular early season variety with oval tubers with yellowish skin. Produces high yields and stores well. Red Pontiac:White flesh with thin red skins. Performs well in heavy soils. Great for a "new potatoes". Four varieties of onions sets: White, Yellow, Red and Sweet.

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Seed potatoes are planted approximately 12 inches apart and approximately 4 to 6 inches deep in rows that are between 2½ and 3 feet apart. A hill is formed for each row of potatoes so that the soil forms mounds around the plant, which helps to protect new tubers from the sun. Potatoes are 80% water; therefore, good soil moisture is key in all stages of growth.